Creating New Opportunities in African Broadcasting

Shop Africa

Created by one of the most experienced management teams in television shopping channels in the UK, the United States and Asia, the plan is ready to bring television shopping to Africa.  Research has been conducted in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, and the team believes the time is right to start market testing with new payment and deilvery systems.  

For more information about Shop Africa, and our plans for roll-out please email and we would be delighted to tell you more.  
'Africa is changing faster than many in the developed markets of the West have noticed, and that observation applies to television and multi-channel broadcasting as much as any other business area.  TTCAfrica was formed to bring the expertise gained in developed markets to Africa, and to find opportunities for new businesses, and relationships.'    
Ed Hall, Founder TTCAfrica.
Research and Contacts

The team at TTCAfrica has been working on African projects since 2003.  We have existing relationships and hard-won knowledge in these exciting new markets, and can bring a level of local expertise to broadcasters starting to explore business opportunities in Africa.

Our team has launched channels around the world, advised channels, platforms, content owners and television shopping companies.  We have access to a global contact list of experts in every part of the broadcast process, from the technology of transmission, to the subtle art of rights negotiation.  In the UK we work with Canis Media to provide services.

For more information email us and we can make sure you are talking to the right people.  
Who Are We?

Ed is one of the most experienced broadcast managers in the UK, with more than 100 channel launches under his belt.  He has worked on broadcast projects in the UK, Spain, France, South East Asia, Australia and across Africa.  He has advised most African broadcasters that have entered European markets.

George is a television legend, with experience managing and launching channels in the USA, the UK and Spain.  He has worked for small start-ups, and fin senior roles for multi-billion dollar blue-chip corporates.  If you are doing deals without George you may regret it.

Jeff is the numbers guy.  A South African financial modelling guru, with accountancy prizes and an MBA to boot.
Understanding New Markets...

Ten years ago African multi-channel broadcasting was in its infancy.  Ed got together with a group of fellow broadcast professionals and they decided to monitor what was happening.  As new markets opened the team kept in touch and started to advise on market oppotunities in Africa.  TTCAfrica was born.

The team has advised broadcasters in Nigeria, Kenya, Rwands and South Africa.  We have built relationships across the region, and we are ready to help Western broadcasters understand the African marketplace.

We work with existing research companies and regional experts to deliver the best team for your project.
TTCAfrica helps Western companies fill in the blanks on this map.
Do you want to know more about the future of broadcasting in Africa?Yes, Africa is an exciting new market
Yes, we know, we are already there
No, we don't need a complicated new market for our business
No, where is Africa?
Predicting Market Trends

Nobody likes to be tested about their powers of prediction, but the team at TTCAfrica has been working in these markets for many years.  This article from 2009 is an example of the sort of clients we work with, and the depth of our knowledge-base.